Balancing Bridges – Psychotherapy & Counselling

Balancing Bridges

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy is a safe, confidential environment supporting adults from a range of backgrounds and ages.

We take each session at a pace you are comfortable with and in a gentle manner.  Integrative therapy draws upon appropriate therapeutic techniques. We approach each session with understanding either to work on the client’s surface or in-depth concerns.

Together we can support you in the way you need, exploring areas including, identity, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, grief, loneliness, self-esteem, trauma, and physical, mental and economic abuse

What is a therapeutic relationship? 

The main difference between a therapeutic relationship and other relationships is that both parties are focused entirely on the client. You will set the agenda and your therapist will work alongside you, encouraging you to reflect on your feelings in the moment in order for you to gain insight on how your thoughts and feelings affect how you live your life.

As your therapist, it’s my job to provide a supportive and reflective environment to affect change in your life. In order to do this they will, of course, bring expertise that may be useful but most importantly will be non-judgemental, warm and understanding towards you. You are the expert of your own unique way of thinking, feeling, and experiencing. Our time together would look to explore your thoughts and feelings and gives you the opportunity to work things out for yourself in a safe space.

Fear of being judged

It’s really important to remember that your therapist is not there to judge you and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be shocked by anything you may tell them. Your therapist will focus on the past, present and future at various times in your therapeutic journey. How you’re feeling during your sessions is key, and they’ll look to openly discuss how you’re relating to one another. This may feel difficult at first but your therapist will offer encouragement and support so that, in time, these kinds of frank, open discussions become more natural.

What happens first?

Balancing Bridges offers open-ended therapy with an initial review after six sessions, allowing us to gauge and ensure we are moving in a direction that best supports you. Then make any necessary adjustments. Subsequent check-ins and reviews will be conducted based on our mutually agreed-upon schedule or when circumstances warrant, such as an extended break or urgent matters.

My approach is grounded in client-centred and non-directive principles, with the primary objective of creating a secure space for you. Within this environment, our focus will be on exploring and discovering authentic understanding and meaning, particularly in the areas where you are encountering difficulties. The overarching aim is to support your journey away from your feeling or diffculity and towards thriving.

It’s essential to note that while as your therapist I refrain from providing direct advice, our collaboration is pivotal. Together, we can identify and discuss supportive measures that cater to your unique needs. This may include conversations about areas where you seek accountability between sessions, ensuring our work remains aligned with what is supportive for you.